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Ashampoo Snap 9 Giveaway

Giveaway of the day — Ashampoo Snap 9

Ein Bild sagt mehr als tausend Worte!
Benutzer Rating: 120 (92%) 10 (8%) 5 Kommentare

Ashampoo Snap 9 war am 15. Januar 2018! als Giveaway verfügbar!

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Ashampoo Snap 9 ist das ideale Screenshot- und Recording-Programm für Ihren Rechner. Haltet per Bild oder Video alles fest, was auf eurem Bildschirm zu sehen ist und fügt z.B. Texte oder Pfeile hinzu. Ein Bild sagt mehr als tausend Worte – wenn es gut gemacht ist! Kopiert über die Texterkennung ganz einfach komplette Texte von Seiten oder teilt selbst erstellte Grafiken mit Freunden und Familie. Ob ihr etwas erklären, dokumentieren oder einfach nur zeigen wollt – Snap 9 ist immer die erste Wahl!


Windows 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10


Ashampoo GmbH & Co




54.7 MB



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Developed by CyberLink Corp.
Developed by PhotoInstrument
Create, manage, copy and edit custom images.
Developed by Mirillis Ltd.

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Antworten   |   Ronald Strehl  –  Last year  –  War dieser Kommentar hilfreich? Ja | Nein (-1)

Ich kenne Vorversionen, und sage euch, wer damit umgehen kann ist begeistert.

Antworten   |   timo  –  Last year  –  War dieser Kommentar hilfreich? Ja | Nein (-1)

Snap gehört auf jeden Rechner

Antworten   |   John  –  Last year  –  War dieser Kommentar hilfreich? Ja | Nein (-4)

Schönes Angebot, aber leider lässt sich der Freischaltcode nicht herunterladen.

Antworten   |   Guenter.Jost@t-online.de  –  Last year  –  War dieser Kommentar hilfreich? Ja | Nein (-2)

Guenter.Jost@t-online.de, wurde per email zugesand, schaue eventuell auch im spamordner nach

Antworten   |   jogi  –  Last year  –  War dieser Kommentar hilfreich? Ja | Nein (-5)
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Top-Kommentare auf Englisch

This is an older version . At their website there is version 10 .

Eddie  –  Last year  –  War dieser Kommentar hilfreich? Ja | Nein (0)

Thats kind of the idea with this site - give away an older version for free, with a discount to the latest version.

Chris Locke  –  Last year  –  War dieser Kommentar hilfreich? Ja | Nein (+45)

please note that the promo you mentioned was not a usual Giveaway, but a competition, so this is the latest program version offered.

GOTD team

Helen  –  Last year  –  War dieser Kommentar hilfreich? Ja | Nein (+33)

I always install Ashampoo Snap when it is featured here. But ironically i never use it! I just ask myself why i use Windows built-in Snipping Tool instead of Snap and it seems that Snap is too much for my daily use. I need screenshots almost everyday but Snipping Tool is easy and less cluttered. Besides, Snap works always on background and i don't like it. So this time i skip installing it.

mamba  –  Last year  –  War dieser Kommentar hilfreich? Ja | Nein (+41)

I have Ashampoo Snap 8 from an older promotion, and I almost always end up using one of the two other tools I have zeroed in : either Windows 7 own Snip Tool, which is minimal but very often sufficient, or Pic Pick, which has a better resolution, can pick up smaller icons, and has a great editor.

Snip Tool has a great feature most other sophisticated programs do not have : the ability to automatically add a border, without having to open the clip in an editor. If you routinely clip portions of the screen, this is required.

Ashampoo Snap is bloated, takes up the whole screen, and when I've tried to use the more advanced features (capture a whole Web page, for instance), they have often failed.

There's no problem trying it however, any other that you will be bombarded with nag screens and promotional emails. This is standard Ashampoo policy, and the price to pay for their generous and regular offers of free or deeply discounted programs.

Clairvaux  –  Last year  –  War dieser Kommentar hilfreich? Ja | Nein (+28)

I currently have/use Snap 10, which is their current version -- v. 11 is probably not too far in the future. If you opt-in to Ashampoo's emails you'll get sale offers, & some of those sale prices will be quite good, e.g. occasional name-your-own-price sales, where you make an offer of what you're willing to pay. There can be 3 versions of Ashampoo apps as well -- the current, full version; a limited free but current version, sometimes only available as special giveaways; the prior, often full, version, available as special giveaways.

There are 2 main categories of screen capture software -- one for game recording &/or streaming, & one for producing usually edited or annotated content, e.g. tutorials, presentations etc. Ashampoo's Snap belongs in the 2nd, probably coming closest to rivaling the much more expensive Camtasia. All of Snap's extra tools & capabilities, most I think for working with captured content, can tend to give Snap a steeper learning curve that's rare with Ashampoo software, & it can take a little longer to drill down to the settings you want. One of those settings lets you choose your video capture codec, which is why I buy Snap frankly.

The codec you use determines how captured video is stored [its format], the quality of the video that's stored, the amount of processing required to encode that video, and how fast it's written to the hard drive. All 4 of those can be critical, & can vary from one project to the next... for capturing video at 1080p 30 fps or better you might use one of the x264 VFW codecs, because the AVC file written will hopefully be small enough that it can be written to disk without falling behind, at which point continuing capture is pointless. For a tutorial or presentation OTOH you might use a lossless, preferably all full frame codec, because that video will be much better suited to editing.

Your goals of course may be different than mine, & if so there's a wealth of software available, including what's built into win10.



mike  –  Last year  –  War dieser Kommentar hilfreich? Ja | Nein (+26)

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